My name is Kyra, I live in the Netherlands with my husband Jan. After 15 years being together we finally got married in august 2007! I was born in the year 1953, so i’m not a puppy anymore! In Holland at that time there was a big flood, a real disaster and who was born in that period? ME. Has that some meaning???

My mother was Russian and my father was Dutch. I love gardening, cooking, cooking and of course scrapbooking. I started to make my own digikits and hope to put them on my blog, as freebies. I have 3 cats, no kids, and have a quite busy life. Oh, I also play the piano, like to read, watch British detectives on tv and have lots more of interests.



  1. Hi,
    I found your website a month or so ago and I just wanted to thank you for all the freebies you find. I know it takes much of your time and it is much appreciated. I’m new to digital scrapping and barely know what to do with what I’m downloading. Anyway, thanks again.
    Sincerely, Barbara

  2. Hallo Kyra, zoheee ineens allamaal links naar jouw blog !! Ik dacht wat is daar aan de hand ! 🙂 Nu is het duidelijk !
    Ook bij mij kan je reclame maken voor je designs!! Ben blij dat er sites als deze (en de mijne) zijn !
    Kun je mij ajb even mailen of ik ook aan kan geven als ik weer een nieuwe freebie heb gemaakt?
    Suc6 met je blog!!

  3. I’ve just started a blog and am offering some overlays and templates. I’ve enjoyed reading yours and thought perhaps you’d like to see my stuff and possibly add me to your list! Thanks so very much!

  4. Hello Kyra
    Today I have discovered your blog and have spent a wonderful day reading back through to the beginning. In the process I have also downloaded some of your freebies, they are great. I have found your stories marvellous and have enjoyed them all. The family stories interlaced with your current life has been awesome. Your family history is amazing “Anna Pavlova”, the wars, it is all amazing. I kept expecting a freebie with a French theme to happen with all the talk of France, maybe at a later time. I wanted to wish you and Jan a beautiful wedding experience and that you will be very happy with each other for evermore. I have bookmarked your site and plan to be a regular visitor to your site.
    Bye for now
    Western Australia

  5. Hi Kyra,

    My name is Julie Jenkins and I live in Toccoa, GA
    USA. I found your site several months ago, but just figured out how to send you a comment to let you know how much I appreciate what you do.
    I love hearing about your family. The history has been very educational to me and I can’t wait to hear even more.

    Congraulations to you and Jan! If possible put up some pictures of the big day for us to see.

    Thank you again for what you do each day.
    Also your designs are awesome.

    Your friend in Toccoa, Georgia, USA


  6. Hi Kyra

    I just found your blog, through some freebie lists and discover that you list me inyour freebie lists! Thankyou 🙂

    I love your stuff, very cute and pretty colours 🙂


  7. Hi Kira
    I’m Francesca from Napoli , Italy
    I found your site accidentally , I remained fascinated. you site is very very good
    I will return soon

  8. OH, Dearest Kyra, what a wonderful lady you are, thank you so much for my Visitors’ Award. HUGS!! I’m overwhelmed and pleased that my few polite words of thanks and acknowledgement of your talent and generosity have earned this kind gesture by you.
    Yes, I visit your blog at early hours – often in the middle of the night actually, because I have FMS (a rheumatic condition) and I don’t sleep very well. I usually spend the night on my laptop visiting blogs such as yours while my hubby is snoring his head off next to me. LOL. I’ve just started classes at Go Digital Scrapbooking to learn Photoshop CS3 as I would love to be able to design some things myself – and to offer them as freebies just as you do. You are our angel on earth and an inspiration to all of us. Bye for now, dear Kyra. Hugs and Blessings. 🙂 Monica.

  9. How do I download any of your freebies? There is no link for downloading. They are lovely.

  10. hi and thanks


  12. Hello Kyra,
    I would love it if you listed me here on your website. I make Photoshop Designer Resources. Always, they are FREEBIE!
    Thank you so much

  13. Hello Kyra, if you are interestes I have recently started up a new blog which has a few freebies on.

  14. Hi Kyra,
    I saw that you listed by site on your freebies list. Thanks! I hope you check back for new freebies on Tuesdays.


  15. Hi Kyra, I am so glad I found your blog and all your freebies. My goodness, it doesn’t seem like just saying thank you is enough to express my gratitude. You have inspired many to start digi scrapbooking and what a great hobby that is. God Bless you.


  16. just stumbled accross your web blog love your kits you have inspired me thank you

  17. Kyra, I love your work! Your kit ideas are so unique…not like everyone else’s flowers, bows, etc.

    Would you consider (or have you already done) a kit on addicted to scrapbooking? I would love to have that one!


  18. Hi Kyra,

    I stumbled upon your site quite a few times thanks to digifree. Really love your freebies. Freebies are always welcome, even more when they are different (like yours) from the usual stuff!
    Thank you from another Dutch girl 😉

  19. Hi Kyra,

    I just discovered your blog today and wanted to say THANK YOU! Your kits are just beautiful. I look forward to spending time reading your blog and by doing so, getting to know you better.

    Take care and God bless!

    Lisa (aka Sasa)

  20. Merci beaucoup pour le lien vers mon site, est ce que vous avez une bannière pour que je puisse la mettre sur mon blog.
    Bonne journée, Lilou

  21. Thanks Kyra, for your lovely kits.
    Do you have any suggestions where I could find some feathers to add to this LO that I am doing now

  22. hi kyra, love your wesite, and i use it daily.
    do you know where i could find some retirement kits; my mum and dad are both retireing in a few months, and i can,not find any free kits to scrap this, can you help me out.
    this would mean a gret deal to me.
    many thanks. sue

  23. Love your blog, your outlook on life and your freebies!!!!! Thank you!!

  24. I just love your work. You are very talented indee.

  25. hi kyra, i have got to say a big THANKYOU for the retirement kit you made for me,
    It is very well made, and just what i needed, i will make good use of all of it, it was very kind of you to go out of your way to do this when you are so busy.
    i was not sure if i have put my comment in the right place, but i hope you get it.
    Once again a big thankyou.

  26. Hi kyra, I found your site yesterday and I was very impressed with all the wonderful kits you have created. It is a great pleasure to discover so many original papers and elements. Thank you very much for your generosity.

  27. I just downloaded you Polska kit. Me and my boyfriend are going to Warzaw on Wednesday, and I’m planning to take alot of pictures. This kit is perfect for scrapping some layouts from our trip. Thank you so much for sharing!

  28. I love your work, and was wondering if I could do some quick pages using your kits. Of course I would reference your kit name and web address. I could either put them on my blog or yours, and I’d like to advertise it as a freebie. Please let me know before I offer this to someone else. You may see my current work at http://victorianquickpageparlor.blogspot.com/

  29. Hi Kyra, I’ve made a layout with your “Easy Rider” kit, and I will be displaying it on my blog. I would send it to you first, but I don’t know where to send it. Your kits are beautiful. Thanks so muchl Hugs, Edna B.

  30. Hi Kyra. Time to update your “About”. It says you live in the Netherlands with your FRIEND, Jan! LOL
    I am sure he is your friend but I know you are proud of your marriage, and so you should be.
    Hugs, Jenny

  31. Bonjour, je viens de découvrir votre site et je suis
    impressionnée par la réalisation de tous vos Kits. J’aimerais pouvoir en faire autant mais je ne pense pas avoir l’imagination et le talent que vous
    avez. Merci beaucoup pour votre générosité.

  32. hi kyra, love your site, check it every day, i download all your kits, they are very well done.
    at the moment i am looking for your help, i have a son who is 24, he is a carpenter, i have been searching endlessly for a kit to scrap this, either a free one or a bought one, i have had no luck, could you point me in the right direction as to where i might get one, many thanks, sue…

  33. Hi Kyra, I got your blog through a psp group and love everything I have seen so far. It will take time but I will eventually get them all.
    Thank you for your time and talents.

  34. hi kyra, just logged on and got your email about the carpentry kit you did for me, downloaded it straight away, it is fantastic!!!, cant thank you enough, showed it to my son, he was very impressed, love the charm of st joseph, dident know he was saint of carpenters, my sons middle name is joseph, you are so talented, all your kits are great, you are so kind to go out of your way to help people, once again many thanks, sue

  35. Hi Kyra! I have followed your blog for some time and I just wanted to let you know that I now, too, offer freebies on my blog – my first kit is up this week! I love all the time you take to offer the links to the freebies on your blog! I also love your freebies as well!

  36. Hi, just found your blog and I love your kits! I just downlaoded Never Ending Battle. My husband is retired Army and I can imagine all sorts of things I can do with this one. Thanks so much for sharing. I will be checking out more of your kits, soon!

  37. Hi Kyra,
    my Name is Katrina Im no spring chichen either i have five children and 16 grandchildren and I live in New Zealand . I am new to the scrapbooking scean and I’m enjoying my self so much I just happened on to you site which is fantastic you have a great talent and if im as half as good as you i will be pleased . thank you so much for sharing you freebies they are just awesome . thank you and god bless

  38. Hallo Kyra,
    Hele mooi site die jij hebt, en al die kits, geweldig!!
    Ik ben nog niet zo lang bezig met scrappen, en probeer nu ook eigen kits te maken.
    Maar ja dan heb je wel dingen nodig die je kan en MAG gebruiken, heb niet zoveel tijd om alles zelf te maken.
    Nu zag ik hele mooie dingen in jouw kits, maar vraag me dus af of ik die mag gebruiken in mijn eigen kits, die ik dan wil publiceren op mijn eigen BLOG, en ze delen met andere scrappers.
    Het is zeker niet de bedoeling om er geld uit te slaan, want ik wil ze niet verkopen, alleen maar delen.
    Omdat ik bij jouw kits geen TOU kan vinden, en ook niet op jouw site, en ik kan ook geen mail adres van jouw vinden op jouw site, vraag ik het jouw op deze manier, omdat ik zeker wil weten of ik dingen uit jouw kit WEL of NIET mag gebruiken.
    Ik hoop dat je mij een antwoord kunt geven, GRAAG via mijn mailadres.
    Alvast Hartelijk Dank, en vooral voor jouw mooie werk.
    Groetjes Heande

  39. Hoi Kyra,
    Geniet van je scrapkits. Heb een probleem met elementen van Wolfsong. Die zijn alleen met de achtergrond te kopiëren en niet als tube. Klopt dat? Weet je een oplossing?
    Alvast bedankt.
    groetjes, Jopie

  40. Dear Kyra,

    Greetings from halfway around the world…I’m here in my always-sunshine-city Manila! (Philippines)

    Thank you for including my site in your list of Friday freebies. It very is very much appreciated.

    In a world without borders, I am forever grateful, you and everyone in the scrapbooking world are considered all my friends.

    Take care…feel free to visit me as i will be a frequent visitor here!

  41. Merci pour tout Kyra , c’est super gentil de m’avoir ajouté dans ta liste Blogrool, je t’envoie une petite branche de mon jasmin qui pousse davant ma fenêtre pour te dire un grand merci.

  42. I have linked to your Oregon kit and hope people will search all over for your USA state stuff to go with my State Template Series.


  43. Love your work! Thanks for sharing. Any chance you could email me? Hugs, Becky Jo

  44. Greetings from Texas! I found your website tonight and just wanted you to know that I believe that you are the most talented digital artist that I have ever seen. Thank from the bottom of my heart for being so generous and sharing your beautiful work. I downloaded many items and will treasure them. I wanted the Canada item from last year so much as my late husband and I honeymooned there but it wouldn’t let me download it anymore. If you ever have time please send me a line or two! I know you are probably quite busy, but I am half dutch if you notice my last name is Neatherlin. My dad’s family actually came from Holland and I am so fascinated with it. I would love to hear from you if you ever have the time. I would also love to hear from you because I admire your work so much. Thank you again and God Bless!! Joni

  45. Hello Kyra!
    for a fiew days i´ve taken a freebie from your site!now i want to say “thanks” and i want show you what i´ve done with it!

    greets from germany!
    lg janina

  46. Hallo Kyra,

    Hartelijk bedankt voor je mooie scrapkits.
    Ik ga er zo gauw ik tijd heb mee aan het werk.


  47. Dear Kyra,
    I love your work and I take some of the kits you give to us !
    Thank you very much for these …
    I have 3 cats too, I was born in 1954 (we have almost the same age) I love english detective (Morse, Barnaby …) I love reading, cooking, gardening …
    Oh, we have many things in common !

  48. Hi Kyra. I have just found your site and thought I would say a big THANK YOU.

    I am very new to digi scrapping so the fantastic freebies you have kindly shared are a god send to me.

    Keep up the good work

  49. Thank you for sharing your work ! I tried to download in the saddle and its not working , i would love to work with .

  50. did you see i ‘f 2.5 stars now??
    i am very happy!!!
    ik weet niet hoe t nu komt hoor,ineens waren ze er
    groetjes Efie

  51. Hi: Just wanted to thank you for all the cool kits you have made available to us. Yours are the best I have found. Many Thanks.
    Also, for the person who said she was having a problem dragging them into her layout in Photoshop Elements, I had the same problem at first. Then I figured it out that you have to change them from indexed colour to RBG; go to Image, Mode to do this.

  52. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work.

  53. i am french and i digiscrap for few time (not long) but i love your kits freebies ! thank you very much pour ours….

    my english is bad…. i hope your understand me….

  54. Hi Kyra,
    I just found your site and your work is lovely. I love the diversity in the themes. I would love to use your kits but after I download them and open the elements in PSP they all have backgrounds and I have to re-tube them. Am I doing something wrong, or are all your kits in .png format and not .psp. Please help, I have some family projects some of your kits would be perfect for.

    Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the world. I do appreciate you! Hope to hear from you. Thank you again!

  55. I have been getting nothing from your website have you stopped the wonderful freebies, you have the best Asian download I have seen,you have so much helped with your free downloads, hope you have not stopped.

  56. Hi Kyra,
    I found your site while researching for criminal information on Joni Neatherlin. I believe she contacted you in May 2008 while on the run from the police in Granbury, TX for several crimes she has committed. Ms. Neatherlin has served time in our county, state and federal prisons over the last 20 years for various scams. My reason for contacting you is to inform you in the event you have conducted business with her and she has defrauded you to contact the Hood County Sheriff’s office at 817-579-3316 and speak with Kathy Boone.

  57. I have bee away when I got back had to go to your wonderful freebies the 2 China freebies I am unable to get them up as .a diffrent sight on dating comes up .
    As I love your Asian Freebies so very much
    Hope you can help me
    Cheers Grace Fielden

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